About Us

We believe in elegant, powerful software.

Our Team and Philosophy

We're a small company located in San Jose, CA. We're a Silicon Valley company without the Silicon Valley attitude. We believe our users want solid, easy-to-use products, not obscure, unmanageable technologies. We started Clientary with the idea that we could deliver invoicing - an essential small business component - to everyone who needs it at a price tag they can afford.

We believe in small companies (because we are one!) and we believe that small companies succeed because of agility. We want to provide software that helps small companies move like David but deliver like Goliath. We want to help you forget about business processes and focus on doing what you do best.

Our product

Clientary is a flexible application designed for creative professionals looking for an easy, affordable, web-based way of managing clients and invoices.

We're more than software - we're a service. As a Clientary customer, you are guaranteed free upgrades with your subscription - there are no fees or update costs. We protect your data using industry standard SSL encryption and nightly back-ups.

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