Time Tracking Calendar

Last updated on December 4th, 2022

Time tracking in Clientary just got better with this exciting release!

Clientary has always supported tracking individual time entries in Projects. Today, we’ve added 2 new time tracking modes. You can now track time directly in a month calendar or in a weekly calendar. These two modes will make it even easier to log hour entries for multiple days at a time.

Monthly mode shows a calendar UI for fast hours input.

Additionally, it’s handy for logging hours in the future which Clientary will automatically handle as planned hours. Planned hours will not be shown to Clients who have Project access through invitations, so your team is free to plan out days in advance. This is handy for this particular weeks where you’d rather have your team focused on productivity rather than administration.

Additionally, with this new release, it’s easier than ever for Admin Role users to logged hours on behalf of other team members.