A new brand

Last updated on December 4th, 2022

When Ronin was launched in 2008, the idea was simple: Bring the best and most simple invoicing experience to freelancers, easily accessible on the web. This simple idea resonates in the name that was chosen, “Ronin”, which is defined as “a wandering samurai who had no lord or master”. The name was meant to capture the spirit of the ideal Ronin user: the freelancer.

Fast-forward 14 years, and Ronin continues to deliver on this promise, but with expanded functionality that covers all aspects of professional services automation: Proposals, Estimates, Project Management, Time Tracking, Staff & Roles, Clients, and, of course, Invoicing & Payments.

As the functionality and scope grew, so did the types of businesses that Ronin could cater to. From architects to event planners, marketers to law firms, designers to consultancies, Ronin now addresses the needs of businesses starting from the solo freelancer all the way to the full-fledged agency.

In addition, we believe the future of Ronin will include delivering on a wider range of business needs that challenge typical client-facing businesses. We want Ronin to be a one stop-shop for all things client-facing, expanding beyond the core invoicing functionality and helping businesses manage the entire “prospect to project to payment” lifecycle.

With this in mind, we’ve decided that this would be an opportunity to take on a new brand that captures this new spirit. We’d like to introduce the world to Clientary.

What this means for existing Ronin users:

Nothing! You can continue to enjoy the exact same experience you’ve become used to all these years. Your plan and functionality will stay the same. In fact, as Clientary expands, you can expect additional functionality. You’ve probably already noticed some of the furniture moving around in the web application the last few months in preparation for this new brand.

This also means that your custom domain or hosted {account}.roninapp.com will continue to work as you expect. You can also access your same account from {account}.clientary.com as you’d expect. Your client facing emails and links will use the new clientary.com links.

Lastly, your monthly billing will leave a credit card charge description that reflects the new brand and will look something like “RONINAPP.COM CLIENTARY.COM” to reflect both brands.

What this means for new users:

If you’ve heard of Ronin, but you’re not a user, this is the best time to give us a try now! We’d love to help you with your invoicing, time tracking, proposals, and client management needs. Find us at clientary.com