New Feature: Project Board

At Clientary, we’re committed to enhancing our all-in-one platform to help professional services businesses across their entire client lifecycle. Project Management is a core component of this. As such, we’re thrilled to announce our newest enhancement: the “Project Board” feature. This exciting update takes your project management capabilities to the next level, offering a visually dynamic and intuitive way to organize and track your tasks.

Unleashing the Power of Visual Project Management

We understand that effective project management relies on clear visibility, seamless collaboration, and efficient task tracking. With the new “Project Board” feature, we’ve added the ability to manage your project tasks in a Kanban-style board, which has become a standard for modern teams.

Inspired by lean manufacturing principles, this approach allows you to visualize your tasks as “cards” that you can drag and drop across different columns. Each column represents a specific stage in your project workflow, providing you with a comprehensive overview of task progress at a glance.

Task Statuses: Your Blueprint for Success

We also understand that projects can involve multiple stages, dependencies, and priorities. Integrating nicely with our previous Task Statuses feature, you can assign customized statuses to tasks, transforming your board columns into swimlanes that reflect the stages of your project. This intelligent categorization enables you to identify bottlenecks, allocate resources strategically, and ensure that no critical task goes unnoticed.

Get Started with the Board

Embracing the Board view is simple. Log in to your Clientary account, navigate to the Tasks section, and experience the power of visual project management. Create your customized board columns, assign task statuses, and start dragging and dropping tasks to witness the transformational impact of the “Project Board” on your project management process.