New Feature: Files

Our goal at Clientary is to provide the easiest way for professional services businesses to work with their clients — it’s in our name! Our core functionality revolves around invoices, contracts, proposals, and statements, but had been missing was the ability to share files. Until now.

Solving real use cases

We’re excited to announce that Clientary now supports file sharing. We’ve built this feature to solve some core flows that are common to the businesses we serve:

  1. Sharing a file globally with all clients. Clientary now makes it dead simple to share a document or file with all of your clients. Do you have an onboarding doc that every client needs to read? Maybe you send out an annual white paper covering your industry. Other times, you may simply want to share documentation around your set of services. Whatever your reason, you can now use Clientary to distribute a File to all of your Clients.
  2. Sharing a file with a specific client. You can also upload files that are visible to only a specific client. This might be a private doc or it might be a deliverable for a specific client. It can also be a file that you wish to share with a specific list of clients.
  3. Sharing a file internally. Sometimes, you just need to share a file internally to your team. It can be a draft of work that is not ready to be viewed. It may also be a document that acts as a template for work to be done across all clients. Clientary makes it easy to do handle all of these cases.
  4. Attaching a deliverable to an invoice. Clientary helps you receive payments faster. Attach a file directly to an invoice and your clients will be able to download it right after payment.
  5. Enhancing proposals. Supporting documents and references support strong proposals. You can now attach a file directly to a Proposal to make your proposals look even more professional.

With files now available, we’re looking forward to seeing how our businesses leverage this new capability. Every plan supports Files with a default capacity and you can dynamically expand your Account storage space as needed.