Flat Transaction Fees

Last updated on December 4th, 2022

Transactions fees are a standard when it comes to doing business online and offline. Ronin has always allowed you to set a transaction fee percentage as part of your invoice total. However, setting percentage-based transaction fees often come out as non-round numbers which may result in finance departments reaching for their arsenal of swear words. There may also be other scenarios where you only want to charge fixed transaction fees for those using different payment methods.

If you’ve been bothered by any of these situations, you’ll be glad to know that Ronin now supports flat transaction fees alongside percentage-based transaction fees! Flat fees give you some extra flexibility to make sure you’re not over or undercharging your clients and also ensures a standardized format for future payments.

To add a flat transaction fee, start by going to your account settings and then clicking on “Payment Integration”

Next, scroll down to the Transaction Fee area until you see “+flat fee amount”.

Give it a shot and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!