Proposals now support (multiple) currencies

Proposals are an important step in the client lifecycle as they provide a detailed overview of the project scope, timeline, and costs for the client. Proposals are often used to secure new business and can help to establish trust and credibility with potential clients. They provide a clear and detailed understanding of the project, which can help to avoid confusion and miscommunication later on.

Proposals also help to set expectations for the project and can help to establish a clear understanding of the client’s needs and goals. By effectively communicating the project details in a proposal, professional service providers can increase the chances of securing new business and building a strong client relationship.

In Clientary, proposals support an optional Fee Summary section that allows you to add structured line items. In the past, line items could have dollar values associated with them, but there was not a way to select currencies.

The new currency feature in Proposals allows you to create packages with differing currencies in the same Proposal.

We’ve now added the ability to not only select currencies for the Fee Summary section, we’ve also now added the ability to have different currencies for different option packages.

This allows your client to understand your fee schedule, even in complex situations where you may require your client to pay in multiple currencies — or alternatively to give clients selectable packages that differ by currency. This flexibility will hopefully give your business the ability to structure Proposal Fee Schedules to suit your business needs.