Transaction ID Available via Ronin Payments API

We have a new update to the Ronin Payments API! Starting today, you’ll be able to access a value called “Transaction_ID”. If you have a payment gateway integrated with Ronin, you’ll be able to see the corresponding transaction ID from that payment provider. The Transaction ID will be accessible through the Ronin Payments API only […]

Bulk Mark Invoice as Paid via Clients

One more update to the bulk “Mark Invoice as Paid” feature for Ronin. Bulk invoices was previously only available from the main “Invoice” page. We’ve now made this accessible from a specific Client page. To access this, go to “Clients” > select a client > click on the “Invoices” sub-tab > and you should see the […]

New Payments API & Zapier Trigger

Happy Monday Ronins! We have just added a new API endpoint to support payments. With this new API endpoint you have programmatic access to payments. You can also programmatically apply a payment to an invoice or remove an existing payment. With the new payments API, we’re also able to work with Zapier to create a […]

Bulk Mark Invoice As Paid

Here’s one of the hottest feature requests so far for 2017! You can now mark invoices as paid, in bulk! If you’ve been waiting for this feature, it’s now available and live in your Ronin account. To get started, scroll down to the list of invoices in the invoices tab and click on the “Bulk […]

Ronin’s Whole New Look

Howdy Ronins! If you haven’t already noticed, Ronin just got some new clothes! The new design language + completely responsive UI is a first step of many into transforming Ronin into the best invoicing and time tracking software for businesses, consultants, and freelancers. You can now use Ronin even if you’re on the go directly […]

Ronin Navigational Improvements

Related Invoices for Projects + New API Endpoint You can now access invoices related to a given project by using the new “Invoices” tab under each project name. This navigational improvement will save you time and resources when it comes to managing invoices for a particular project including the different states they’re in. This is […]

Pulling Expense Date For Invoices

Update time! We now support including the recorded expense date as part of the invoice line item description. When pulling in an expense into an invoice. Simply check the “Expense Date” box and insert the unbilled expense! Enjoy 🙂

Statement Descriptor Override

When you integrate Stripe with Ronin, statements going to your clients used to show your Stripe business settings. This means reduced flexibility when you want to be invoicing as another entity. We’ve added the ability for you to override the settings in your Stripe account and bill your client as another name. Simply go to […]

What You Might’ve Missed!

We recently made some small feature updates to Ronin that you might’ve missed! In case you did, we’re summarizing them here so you can get a quick glimpse at what has changed. First up is how project progress is tracked on the dashboard. You’ll now see the number of hours already billed, the total budget […]

Importing Products via CSVs!

Howdy again fellow Ronins! Managing your products on Ronin can become unwieldy especially if you have hundreds! Updating each can be time consuming as well. However, products do need updating from time to time and we wanted to give you a scalable way for doing so. Ronin now supports bulk product imports via CSVs 🙂 […]