Importing Products via CSVs!

Last updated on December 4th, 2022

Howdy again fellow Ronins!

Managing your products on Ronin can become unwieldy especially if you have hundreds! Updating each can be time consuming as well. However, products do need updating from time to time and we wanted to give you a scalable way for doing so.

Ronin now supports bulk product imports via CSVs 🙂 All you need is a simple CSV with 4 mappable Ronin fields: ID, Name, Price, and Taxable (T/F). One thing to be aware of before you start the CSV creation process is that the ID column is unique and lets you handle product additions and updates for the other 3 fields. If Ronin hasn’t seen an ID before, it will create a new product with that ID.

For example:

If IDs 1 and 2 are left intact but the product name, price, and whether or not it is taxable changes, Ronin will update the existing products using information from the new CSV. If you add another product with ID 3 (and Ronin hasn’t seen it before), it will be added as a new product.

To get started, go to your “Products” tab and click on the “Import Products from CSV” link on the right hand panel. Find your CSV file from your computer and submit it for upload.

For step 2, make sure you map the fields properly to the Ronin fields. Currently only 4 fields can be uploaded and mapped. Extra fields will not be uploaded.

Ronin will review the CSV you’ve selected for upload and show you a preview of the products to be imported. If anything is off at this stage, be sure to go back and edit the CSV file to adjust.

After importing, Ronin will take you to the products list and confirm the final import list.